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royster13 Country
I got a GCC Expert 24 and was cutting the same day.....Folks at GCC World are a joy to deal with for support.....I am waiting for the Expert 24LX to come out and then will buy it a second machine...
Nick Horvath Country
I agree, the GCC Expert 24 is the way to go with your budget and needs. You will have money left over for materials and accessories as well!
charles95405 Country
Both the GCC Expert LX and the Roland GX24 are 24 inch cutters and both have optic eye for contour cutting…it has removable flat bed front and back…and that is handy when you are using a sticky mat to hold small pieces of vinyl to cut small decals... AND the LX is just over 50% of the cost of the Roland GX24
royster13 Country
...Now I have an Expert 24 and and it works well for me.....I use Illustrator CS3 and it opens into Great Cut software...
plan b Country
… for a entry level machine and the only 24 inch cutter with the optical eye in its price range the LX would be a good choice or at least one to take a good look at…
royster13 Country
I have had my Expert 24 for 4 or 5 months.....I have done over 8,000.00 worth of work with it....IMO it is the best 400.00 cutter there is....
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