Cutter de vinilo

Applicable Models
Personalized Rhinestone Apparel/T-shirt
Machine: Jaguar and Puma Series Cutting Plotter
Software: SmartCut Pro 2.0 and Stone Stencils, Volume 1 pattern collection from Digital Art Solutions
Material: Digital Art Solution stone stencil、silicon transfer film、rhinestone、 nailheads or rhinestuds

General cutting plotter applications have been applied to billboard advertisements, screen printing, tinted glass, paper models, car spray painting, tattoo stickers, and 3C applications. Now, the GCC Jaguar & Puma series Cutting Plotters can be also used with the Stone Stencil Rhinestone heat transfer system developed by Digital Art Solutions http://www.rhinestonesystem.com. This innovative system can be utilized to decorate apparel, jeans, hats and handbags with rhinestones, nailheads and rhinestuds.

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In order to create durable and fashionable personalized rhinestone products with the Stone Stencil system, users must at least own a GCC cutting plotter or a GCC laser engraving system, a heat transfer press and the SmartCut Pro 2.0 rhinestone software from Digital Art Solutions. A special kit of supplies including cuttable Stone Stencil material and rhinestones is also included with this system.

The Stone Stencil System will add a profitable decoration capability to any decorated apparel business: the GCC Jaguar/Puma series Cutting Plotter with SmartCut 2.0 rhinestone software is a simple and cost effective solution for creating rhinestone apparel and heat transfers. Using this innovative system, rhinestone heat transfers can be produced a fraction of the cost of competing rhinestone setting machines. A Stone Stencil System can be added to any sign making, laser engraving, embroidery or decorated apparel business using a GCC cutting plotter or GCC laser engraving system.
Use the high definition GCC Jaguar & Puma series cutting plotter or GCC laser engraving system, a pattern of circles is cut into a specialize material called Stone Stencil to produce a transfer stencil. Rhinestones, nail heads or rhinestuds are poured onto the stencil. The rhinestones will only fall into the holes in the stencil with the adhesive side down. A special transfer film is used to lift the rhinestones off the stencil to create a heat transfer. The heat transfer can be applied to a variety of products including apparel, hats and gift items. Each stencil is re-usable.

Since the on stencils to cut the pattern that you want; then evenly spread the rhinestones on readily-cut stencils, then cover with heat transfer films and place the enclosed stencil into the heat transfer press. As a result, a bright and uniquely personalized T-shirt is created with ease. More beneficially, the stencils can be re-used repeatedly which is favorably economical and convenient.

* Note: This application requires the SmartCut Pro 2.0 rhinestone software, Stone Stencils Volume 1 rhinestone pattern collection and specialized Stone Stencil material developed by Digital Art Solutions.  This system is sold exclusively in North America by Digital Art Solutions
Step 1
Design your own image with software and cut the stencil with GCC cutters.
cut the stencil with GCC vinyl cutters
Step 2
Remove the stencil from the adhesive backing to create the pattern.
Personalized Rhinestone Apparel/T-shirt with GCC vinyl cutters

Step 3
Place the stencil onto rigid material call backer board
.Rhinestone T-shirt with GCC cutting machine
Step 4
Put the rhinestones over the stencil and shake the container so that the rhinestones can spread evenly through the stencil. Use a brush to scrap off excessive rhinestone.
Rhinestone Apparel with cutting plotter
Step 5
Place the silicon transfer film on the stencil to remove the rhinestones from the stencil and create the silicon transfer film becomes the rhinestone heat transfer stencil.
Rhinestone T-shirt with vinyl cutters
Step 6
Separate the sheet and remove the rhinestones from the stencil.
Rhinestone application with GCC cutters
Step 7
Store the silicon transfer film back to the backer sheet for later use with heat transfer press.
Rhinestone application with GCC vinyl cutter

Step 8
Peal the backer off and transfer the silicon transfer film in using the heat transfer press.
Cutting Plotter application
Step 9
Cutting Plotter application finished
For more details please visit the website at http://www.rhinestonesystem.com