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Clip Cutting with IF 20SHS
Need help with metal cutting? To meet your requirement of metal processing, GCC LaserPro offers a line of metal cutting fiber laser equipments. The sophisticated FMC 270 metal cutter is the right equipment for you if frequent cutting is performed; S290, StellarMark and H230 are all excellent choices if only small amount of cutting is required. Whichever your choice is, GCC LaserPro can complete your jobs rapidly and accurately.
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab of the month creates delicate and durable metal paper clips through cutting copper and silver pieces on StellarMark I-Series using fiber laser. See the magic of StellarMark I-Series now!
Step 1. Place the metal piece on the platen.
Step 2. Set the correct focal distance.
Step 3. Press "Exec" to begin proce ssing.
Step 4. Peel the cut sample from the metal piece.
Step 5. Sample is complete.
  • Before you start the job, please make sure the metal piece is completely flat and even to ensure cutting quality.