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The Best Mac AI Plugin Ever-DirectCut MAC AI Accessibility

Lifts your cutting tasks to another level in just a few clicks.

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual-tech industry, is glad to introduce another innovation for GCC cutters, the one-of-the-kind DirectCut Mac AI Plug-in designed for MAC Adobe Illustrator users, which will be available in October, 2012. The DirectCut tools are inserted to the File menu, providing an easy access to commonly used features such as outlining, Die Cut, adding registration marks, over-cutting and so forth.

With this convenient plug-in software, MAC users will no longer need a PC or a Windows OS simulator. See how we can save your time, tasks and expenses:

Simplified workflow: DirectCut outputs AI files through MAC computers without switching OS or converting file formats.

Higher efficiency & productivity: Eliminates file preparation time and reducing the hassle of shifting between OS systems when cutting with MAC programs.

User-friendly output procedure: Displays the output data that has already been processed and confirmed on the layout screen so the position of the image on the material can be clearly seen prior to exporting it.

A total solution to simplify the workflow, Mac AI Plug-in is designed exclusively to meet the cutting applications demands of MAC users. Output in MAC OS through the Plug-in and direct access to driver functions and parameter settings provides fast and easy workflow.

Please see here for more details on DirectCut Mac AI Plug-in.

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