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Parallels Desktop Bridges Mac & GCC LaserPro Machines

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, would like to introduce a software system named "Parallels Desktop" which allows users to install Windows OS on MAC computers and run Windows-based software on MAC. www.parallels.com/download/desktop/

Users are required to purchase Parallels Desktop (roughly USD 80.00), the Windows operating system, and the Windows-based software such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. After installing these software programs, users will be able to output files to GCC LaserPro machines through GCC drivers.

Alternatively, users can use the BootCamp solution that comes with MAC computers; however, users will have to reboot their MAC to switch between the MAC OS and Windows OS. Under BootCamp, users will also need to purchase the Windows OS and Windows-based application software.

For more product information, please contact local GCC distributors in your area or visit www.GCCworld.com