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GCC Enhances Safety with Optional Pass-Through Door Switch Module for Its Laser Engravers

One of GCC laser engravers well-known features is the Pass-through Doors to open front and rear door design which allows easily loading extremely long working objects like door, instruments, paddle etc. for laser engraving or cutting, and extends business profitability.


In order to enhance GCC laser engravers CDRH safety required by FDA, the Pass-through door feature would require an optional Pass-through Door Switch Module to activate laser firing when doors open since 2017, June shipment from GCC Taiwan factory gradually. The laser cabinet has safety interlocks to turn off laser if access during laser operation as Class II safety laser system. Nevertheless, when the optional Pass-through Door Switch Module is installed, the laser engraver would become a CDRH Class IV safety unit, the machine operators have to wear goggles and follow the safety instructions to operate the laser machine.

  • Appoint a trained Laser Protection Officer responsible for compliance with the relevant regulations.
  • Install warning lights and warning signs outside the danger zone and make sure it’s against unauthorized access
  • The system operator should always wear suitable laser protection goggles within the danger zone
  • An additional warning light installed on laser machine at visible location to warn the machine operator of emerging laser radiation.
Pass-Through Door Switch Module- switch key and warning light