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GCC JF-240UV Sample Showcase - Multi-layer printing application

GCC JF-240UV Sample Showcase - Multi-layer printing application

The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month showcases replica paintings.

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The conventional way of producing replica paintings is a tedious process through the hand of a highly skillful artist to ensure the value of the work. Now with the awesome spray painting technology of the GCC JF-240UV flatbed printer, users can perform color printing directly on the material to minimize production time. On top of supreme efficiency, one will also be offered a piece that presents the surface gloss and overall impression he or she expects as graphic design software programs are perfect at simulating the brush strokes and effects of the original work.
GCC JF-240UV brings new business opportunities to you with highly saturated, museum quality painting reproductions.
Suggested parameters:
JC-UV Series Material Parameter
Material Print
Print Color Directional LED Pre-coat Top-coat Note
Replica paintings High Density YMCK+W


100% N/A N/A N/A