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GCC Announces Staff Promotion

GCC, a global forefront manufacturer in the visual communication industry, is pleased to announce the promotion of two long-time GCC employees working for its European branch, effective from Feb., 2017

1. Stanley Lin
Stanley has been promoted to Technical Support Manager. 
Stanley worked in GCC HQ in Taiwan as Deputy Manager of the Optical Engineering Dept. before transferring to GCC Europe in 2007. He possesses proficient knowledge of GCC products, ranging from laser cutters/engravers, cutting plotters to inkjet printers while proving himself to be a self-disciplined and friendly employee internally and an efficient problem solving tech support engineer externally. He also takes initiative when needed for operational improvement.

2. Jolanta Niemirska 
Jolanta has been promoted to Deputy Manager/Sales & Marketing Manager
Jolanta has worked as a sales specialist since 2008 in the GCC European office. During this time, she has delivered great performance and grown firmly with GCC products as well as its competitiveness. Jolanta is a team player who always works professionally and efficiently; she will continue to carry out all her previous duties and is looking forward to taking more new challenges.