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The Bulk Ink System for JC-240E Printer/Cutter Is Now Available
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual-tech industry, would like to introduce to you the bulk ink supply system, which allows you to feed a great amount of ink and facilitate an uninterrupted workflow.
The bulk ink system is an optional item of JC-240E for implementing continuous printing. Equipped with a four-color (KCMK) or six-color (KCMYLcLm) ink tank box ( each tank contains 1 liter of ink), JC-240E gratifies the need of a diversity of applications.
  • Quick and easy installation
    To install a bulk ink system to a printer, simply connect bulk ink cartridges to the bulk ink tank through tubes to feed the ink. The external bulk ink tank boxes make it convenient to read the ink level and effortless to refill ink when the ink level drops below minimum.
  • Reduces costs and saves your time
    Since the volume of a bulk ink tank is much larger than a regular ink cartridge, users need not to frequently change the cartridges for refilling purposes and unnecessary waste during the process can be avoided.
  • Meets your bulk printing needs
    One of the advantages of the bulk ink system is its support of large quantity of printing. Users can adopt the bulk ink system for bulk printing without worrying about using up ink unexpectedly.
The bulk ink supply system is the best solution for your JC-240E printer/cutter. It helps to lower costs and offer you a convenient and unlimited printing possibility.
For more product information, please contact local GCC sale representatives in your area or visit http://www.gccworld.com/.
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