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GCC LaserPro Unveils SmartVISION™ Pro CCD

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is pleased to introduce the latest SmartVISION™ Pro CCD, a unique artificial intelligent system that learns and memorizes any type of printed graphics(*) and recognizes them as registration marks before searching mark locations to perform precise contour cutting for printouts.

* Please use circle, square, or crosshair as registration marks when high precision cutting is required.
** The SmartVISION™ Pro CCD module is now available for GCC LaserPro Spirit laser engravers, and will be applied to more models in the near future.

CCD contour cutting is good for Non-flexible material print and cut applications, such as promotional/gift items, signs, packaging prototypes, electronic items, technical textiles, leathers, etc.

The traditional Contour Cutting Solution brings much inconvenience and reduces production efficiency; material setup is required for positioning and the creation of a jig for positioning may also be needed to carefully and precisely place materials. Through the CCD module, the GCC LaserPro’s SmartVISION™ solution enhances productivity as it is able to learn, memorize and locate the printed graphic that needs to be contour cut and will automatically make adjustments to ensure the material is cut correctly.

SmartVISION™ Pro CCD Key Benefits:

  • Precise solution for contour cutting
  • No limitation to registration mark types*
  • No change to printing house workflow
  • Auto compensation to printed distortion or placement offset

SmartVISION™ Pro CCD Workflow