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GCC Launches Entry-Level Fume Extraction Units for Laser Engravers
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, introduces entry-level fume extraction units for its laser engravers.
Having a proper fume extraction unit is crucial to laser engraving and cutting quality besides other peripherals setup. GCC has released a series of entry-level fume extraction units for customers who run for general purposes and relative light duty operation. GCC LaserPro PA-1500FS & PA-1000FS, CE-certified fume extraction systems, are designed to remove the hazardous fumes and dusts during laser processing to protect the health of operators, eliminate environmental pollution and enhance the laser cutting and engraving quality at the same time.

Main features of PA-1000FS and PA-1500FS fume extraction units:

  • Strict welding and painting technology achieve to high tightness and corrosion resistance cabinet;
  • Special sound-absorbing materials reduce operating noise to improve working efficiency;
  • Three layers filter modules to make sure most fumes & toxic gas to be filtrated, protect environment security;
  • Integrated cabinet with trundle, more freely, small foot print, installed easily, decreasing energy consumption;
  • Easy operation, high quality & favourable price.

The GCC PA-1000FS fume extraction unit is suggested to work with Mercury, X252, or desktop engravers, while PA-15000FS works great on Spirit series, X380, and MG380Hybrid laser systems.