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Synrad V30 Laser Tube Service Notification

Synrad announces to discontinue the service for the B, C, and D versions of the V30 30W laser tube (the year of manufacture before 2009 approximately) due to the critical parts and components are no longer available for B, C, and D models.

GCC and Synrad will offer Swap Program for B,C, and D versions of V30 laser tube instead when you need to replace older units that can no longer be repaired. This offer is valid through December 31, 2016.

Please find Synrad’s Notification as below :

End of Service Notification January 2016

Product Replacement Product
v30 versions B, C and D (only) New v30

End of Service Reason
Parts availability is limited or obsolete. Phasing out older components/versions (B, C , and D) of this product.

End of Service reason End of service reason
Due to limited parts availability and/or the high cost to repair B, C, and D versions of v30 lasers, service on these units has been discontinued.
When did we start shipping the newer “E” version of v30? Start of “E” version shipping
From approximately 2008-2009, we began shipping the newer “E” version of the v30 laser. The year of manufacture can be determined by the serial number on the laser. We will continue to support and repair version “E” and newer version v30 lasers.
What is the current production version of the v30 laser? Current production version
The current production version of v30 is “G.” We have no plans to phase out support on E-G versions of the laser at this time. Regular sale and production will continue for the v30 laser; we have no current plans to phase out this product line.

For more details, please contact GCC Customer Service Dept. in your area.