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Multiple Waveforms of GCC LaserPro StellarMark IFII Series
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is pleased to announce that the GCC LaserPro StellarMark I-series contains unique laser tubes with multiple waveforms.
A waveform is a pulse with a specific shape, pulse energy and duration. The benefits of this are that it allows the customer to adjust the pulse conditions to optimize marking, micromachining and applications.
This gives users flexible control over pulse duration and peak power through the use of predefined waveforms. Each waveform is optimized for pulse energy and peak power at a given pulse duration and frequency. These waveforms can be used at any power demand and frequency giving users great scope for pulse characteristic optimization for specific applications.
Click here is the waveform table for different IFII series wattage.
Waveform benefits
  • Increase the Marking Speed
From an applications perspective, the use of shorter waveform can give productivity benefits such as increase marking speed. A good example is in the basic marking of color anodized aluminum, where using the shorter WF1 the peak power at high frequency is sufficient to remove the colored layer, allowing marking to be carried out at up to 2x the marking speed. This can result in nearly half the time to mark an equivalent dada matrix code. Some adjustments to marking parameters such as line spacing may be required to optimize mark quality due to the finer spot resulting from the use of WF1.
  • High Contrast Mark
Long pulses and high pulse energy often result in substrate melting, reducing mark contrast and creating a rough surface finish. When marking white ABS type material, it can be difficult to get a high contrast mark with good surface quality. Often the use of too much power results in uncontrolled burning and melting. Results can be significantly improved by using short pulse WF1 and high marking speed coupled with a 2 or 3 pass marking approach.
  • More Effect for Deep Engraving
Many pulsed fiber lasers are used for metallic engraving and it is generally accepted that longer pulse durations are best for efficient material removal. However, when using long pulses it is sometimes difficult to achieve and maintain high quality surface finishes in engraved marks. With the long WF0 can be used to effectively remove bulk material, while the shorter WF1 can be used for intermediate cleaning passes and a final smoothing pass.
Waveform Application Samples
Waveform can do many marking effects on metal materials. In the picture below, the GCC LaserPro StellarMark IFII 40HHS is utilized to process matt 304 stainless steel.
  1. Color marking is very sensitive to material surface treatment or texture (matte, glossy, brushed, or mirror), spot size (power density), and material composition. Even same parameters applied on same materials, the color can’t be guaranteed to repeat correctly.
  2. Different spot size will generate different laser marking contrast. Ensuring materials placed evenly during laser processing will help deliver consistent laser marking quality.
  3. The color of marking may vary to different colors when viewing in different angle with reflecting ambient light.