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Introducing the New GCC LaserPro LFC Workstation
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual-tech industry, is excited to introduce the GCC LaserPro LFC Workstation.

GCC LaserPro LFC Workstation integrates various processing modes and exclusive accessories into its design to meet customers’ need. Its 700x400mm working table accommodates large objects and allows effortless fixtures setup.

The LFC Workstation, an EN-60825-1 class 1 compliant device, ensures operation safety and is truly the best industrial solution.
Key Benefits of GCC LaserPro LFC Workstation:
  • Standard 700x400mm table for large objects or batch marking
  • EN-60825-1 Class I safety and MD (machine directive) compliance for industrial professionals who prioritize operators' safety during laser processing
  • Automatic door which ensures safety operation
  • Dual start button which promises advanced security
  • Optional rotary table for loading/unloading materials while laser is at work to maximize throughput
  • Wide range of configurations for automation and applications
  • Pass-Through side panels for line integration
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Sturdy and rigid steel chassis that meets industrial requirements
  • Compatibility with all GCC LaserPro StellarMark C & I series laser markers
  • MultiFOCUS function that allows Z axis to automatically adjust and ensure correct focus distance (Optional)
Optional Items:
For more product information and availability of GCC LaserPro LFC Workstation, please contact your local sales representative or visit www.GCCworld.com.