Nota de Prensa

Aluminum Grid Plate is Now Available for GCC LaserPro X380

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is pleased to announce that the Aluminum Grid Plate for GCC LaserPro X380 is now available.

The advantages of the new Aluminum Grid Plate are:

  1. The Aluminum Grid is stronger and holds up to 5 kgs compared to 3kgs with the Honeycomb table.
  2. The Aluminum grid is the more economical choice as it is offered at a lower price.
  3. Installation is easy without extra effort.
  4. The Aluminum grid can be assembled on cutting box to form a SmartBOX. i.e. the Aluminum grid is interchangeable with existing honeycomb tables.
If you need to engrave heavy material, the Aluminum Grid Plate is undoubtedly your "must-have" item.
Don’t hesitate, please contact your local sales representative or visit at http://www.gccworld.com/.