Nota de Prensa

GCC LaserPro Laser Product Complies with EN 60825 and CDRH
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is pleased to announce that our laser products of LaserPro line are complied with EN 60825 and CDRH.
To provide customers with safer high-quality products, GCC LaserPro laser products are meeting specification of Class I according to EN 60825 standards and Class II according to CDRH standards. Models include:
Venus Series / Venus II Series,
C180 Series / C180II Series,
Mercury Series / Mercury II Series / Mercury III Series,
Spirit Series / Spirit LS Series / Spirit GE Series / Spirit GLS Series / Spirit GX Series,
Explorer Series,
S290 Series / S290LS-10 / S290LS-20 / S290LS-40
X252RX Series / X380LS Series / X380RX Series /X500IIRX Series
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