Aprovechando la tecnología de corte de GCC LaserPro la serie X está diseñada para el uso profesional. Equipado con varias funciones fáciles de usar, el GCC LaserPro X500III ofrece un alto rendimiento de trabajo en durabilidad y factibilidad. El modelo X500III combina capacidades de corte y grabado, ofreciéndole a los usuarios un sistema muy versátil.
RoHS Compliance
All GCC products are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free). GCC will continue to concern and provide environmentally friendly products to protect the earth for our further generation.
The “Drag-N-Play” feature greatly reduces complex set up procedures and allows users to directly drag the lens carriage to the starting point of a job.
Closed-loop DC Servo Technology
DC servo motor applies a higher quality motor and controller to send command to the motors and utilizes an encoder to feedback location values to the controller, so the motors always verify their positions. This continual link allows the motors to run faster with higher acceleration and speed that the laser engraver can cut or engrave and also you can move the laser carriage to any position and resume working precisely. Adopting the servo control technology, GCC LaserPro high speed closed-loop DC servo motor technology guarantees precise and fast carriage movement with exceptionally accurate outputs.
Versatile Engraving and Cutting Capability
X500III delivers high cutting quality with LaserPro’s unique Laser firing control technology. X500III can cut through 20 mm acrylic in a single pass. Better than that, the grayscale technology allows X500III to process 256-level grayscale image with vivid engraving quality.
Pass-through Front & Rear Doors (Optional)
Convenient front and rear door open design enables loading of extremely long working pieces with ease and extends business flexibility.
SmartCENTER™ (Patented)
The super user-friendly SmartCENTER™ function helps end users to easily and automatically locate the center point of objects of any shape vastly eliminating tedious setup time.
SmartACT™ (Patented)
Ground breaking technology that reduces the ramping process and job running time to boost productivity.
Programmable Origin Modes
Easy-to-use multiple position modes allow the operators an effortless way to setup a job with Drag-N- Play. Repetitive workflows can be drastically simplified by relocating the origin position to any desired location.
Intuitive Control Panel Interface
A control panel with coherent hot-key design and graphic icon displays that allows you to directly change the laser parameter setting, set jobs to repeat unlimited times, queue job, delete jobs, and more.
Innovative Windows Driver
LaserPro Windows based driver provides powerful functions, such as SmartCENTER™, Air Assist by Pen, Dithering Patterns and more to reduce set up time and make easy adjustments to achieve marvelous output quality.
Knife-shaped Cutting Table
Unique cutting table with tipped bars that can be easily adjusted without tools to create different levels of working depths. The cutting table of X500III reduces laser reflections and delivers clear cutting edge.
Built-in LED light module illuminates the working space and makes every engraving detail easy to see.
Key Switch & Emergency Stop
Key switch safeguards the machine from unauthorized use. Prominent emergency button located on the top of the machine allows operators to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately to provide a safe operating environment.
Job Preview Function
The GCC LaserPro laser engraver all series printer driver features a job preview function that previews graphics before the official laser printing process. One of the highlights of this feature is that it provides an estimated working time*.
The estimated working time is an easy tool for operators to know in advance as how much time will be needed to finish the job for better job management; it is also convenient for a shop to provide a quotation for its laser services.
SmartPRINT™ (Optional) 
The GCC LaserPro SmartPRINT™ software features powerful functions, an intuitive interface and embedded GCC LaserPro laser parameter setting for both MAC and Windows users....MORE
SmartPRINT™ Flyer Download

Grid Cutting Table
Grid Cutting Table
The grid cutting table is an ideal pal for laser cutting. It lifts the work piece off the work table from hitting by laser reflection while supports it with reinforced grid design. The dust and vapor created during laser cutting are then taken away effectively through the grid by down vacuum funnel exhaust. Rather than handling rigid materials, grid cutting table also helps to fix flexible materials with the aid of down vacuum to keep constant focus distance and consistent cutting result. A clean and better cutting quality is achieved from this technique.
Air Extraction System - T500, X500III
Air Extraction System - T500, X500III
To accomplish strong vacuum ventilation requirement for industrial application, GCC LaserPro X500III and T500 are recommended to supply a more powerful air extraction unit with 8” opening to reach the optimum cutting quality. The air extraction system powered by a maintenance-free turbine takes out the fume and dust generated during laser processing efficiently and effectively, leaves a quality cutting edge and clean operation environment.
External Interface Control Board
External Interface Control Board
The External Control Interface Board is an optional item that allows users to set up GCC laser machines for communication with external devices such as odor reduction units, robot arms and others via a 5V or 12V signal to form an automatic production line. Another useful practice applies in certain working environments when users are required to set up an extra remote interlock control or when laser machines are allowed to be switched off if a security device is triggered.
Supporting Pin Kit
Supporting Pin Kit
This design can firmly hold up the working object preventing it from falling off; moreover, it can effectively reduce the possibility of the reflected laser hitting the working object.
Air Compressor
Air Compressor
A specifically designed Air Compressor for laser engravers, by using an oil-less diaphragm, you help eliminate the harmful and damaging side effects of moisture on the laser optics. Also, provides the optimal air pressure your laser needs to blow away vaporized particles and helps prevents overheating. A must to keep lenses and mirrors clean to promote longer laser life.
SmartGUARD™ Fire Alarm
SmartGUARD™ Fire Alarm
Laser cutting and engraving operation using the SmartGUARD system assures optimum safety. When there is a malfunction, the alarm system will be active and shut-down the operation system immediately.
Honeycomb Table
Honeycomb Table
The honeycomb table is an ideal tool for laser cutting, especially when cutting materials into small pieces. It lifts the work piece off the work table from hitting by laser reflection while supports it with honeycomb cell design. The dust and vapor created during laser cutting are then taken away effectively through the honeycomb cell by down vacuum funnel exhaust. Rather than handling rigid materials, honeycomb table also helps to fix flexible materials with the aid of down vacuum to keep constant focus distance and consistent cutting result. A clean and better cutting quality is achieved from this technique.
Laser Source80W100W130W150W
Sealed CO2 Laser
Laser CoolingWater Cooled
Working Areaw/o honeycomb table51 x 36 in. (1300 x 916 mm)
with honeycomb table50.3 x 35.2 in. (1280 x 896 mm)

Max. Part Size

(W x L x H)

w/o Cutting Table52.9 x 36.0 x 2.1 in. (1346 x 916 x 55 mm)
Doors Open52.9 x ∞ x 1.1 in. (1346 x ∞ x 30 mm)
with Honeycomb Cutting Table48.8 x 32.2 x 1.1 in. (1240 x 818 x 30 mm)
with Grid
Cutting Table
 52.1 x 35 x 1.1 in. (1325 x 889 x 30 mm)
Dimensions  (W x L x H)74.8 x 55.1 x 47.2 in. (1900 x 1400 x 1200 mm)
Driving MotorClosed-loop DC servo control
Maximum Motor Speed40 IPS
Speed ControlAdjustable from 0.1~100% (Up to 16 color-linked speed settings per job)
Power ControlAdjustable from 0~100% (Up to 16 color-linked power settings per job)
Engraving Capability256-level gray scale image processing capability
Distance Accuracy0.254 mm or 0.1% of move, whichever is greater
Z-Axis MovementManual
Resolution (DPI)Available 125, 250, 300, 500, 600, 1000
Computer Interface10 Base-T Ethernet, Full speed 2.0 USB
Focus LensStandard 2",Optional 3"Standard 3",Optional 2"
Display Panel4-line LCD panel showing current file name, total working time, laser power, engraving speed, file(s) loaded into memory buffer, setup and diagnostic menus.
SafetyClass I Laser Product Compliant with EN60825
Class II Laser Product Compliant with CDRH
2006/42/EC Machinery Directive Compliance
Class 4 Laser Product Compliant with CDRH with the optional pass-through door module
Cutting Table

Knife-shaped cutting bars with down vacuum and scrap collecting funnel

Facility Requirements 
Operation Voltage200-240VAC, 50/60Hz auto switching, Max.10A
Fume Extraction SystemExternal exhaust system with minimum flow rate 2160m3/h (CFM 1273 ft3/h) is required,2.5kPA negative pressure (Pure-Air PA-2400FS @ 8" exhaust port)

*Speed is not equal to throughput. See dealer or visit www.GCCworld.com for more details.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
*The flow rate is determined by a default fume extraction system; the flow rate may vary due to a di fferent fume extraction system.​

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