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StellarMark C-series
StellarMark C-series
StellarMark es ideal para aplicaciones industriales. No sólo los componentes claves se obtienen de los principales proveedores a nivel mundial para garantizar la calidad y la estabilidad de resultados, sino que también tiene la flexibilidad para los fabricantes de manejar los proyectos más complejos con nuestro nuevo software G-Mark. Ofrece constructivamente diseños inteligentes con protección por contraseña y con detección de errores para evitar que los operadores cometan errores innecesarios detectando problemas sin demoras. StellarMark está diseñado para satisfacer todas sus necesidades a un alto nivel de productividad.
RoHS Compliance
All GCC products are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free). GCC will continue to concern and provide environmentally friendly products to protect the earth for our further generation.
CE Certification
StellarMark complies with the essential safety requirement which set out in the European Directives.
G-Mark Library (Optional)
This programmable software can be used to customize functions by using VB scripts. All the commands are received in real time from a master PC and position to offsets, rotating angles and sequential marking can be easily set up.
MARK on the fly (Optional)
Non-stop, "on-the-fly" marking of parts maximizes productivity. Precise laser can mark fast-moving parts while the conveyor is at constant or varying speed.
Jump Cross
This feature can effectively avoid over-burning problems caused by two overlaping lines in the same character.
Wobble Marking
This function allows the true type text to be marked with thicker line.
Array copy
Users can create multiple copies of a text or graphic by specify the number of copies to be replicated and the graphic will be rendered in a matrix format.
Error Indications
Error messages appear when the laser marker works incorrectly. Operators can be informed by the message and solve the problem immediately.
Secure Password System
Three-tier password security system (Operator, Programmer, Administrator levels) restricts unauthorized access to the production line.
Preview Mode
Variable-speed, red dot pointer "preview" mode performs accurate and easy marking positioning on the marked part.
Automatic Serial Marking
With this feature, users can increase or decrease the serial part number automatically.
Font Marking Variations
This feature enables marking of a variety of character expressions via Arc Alignment, Angle Alignment, and Marking Direction.
Barcode Marking
14 types of 1D and 5 types of 2D barcodes (Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Maxi Code) are available.
Logo and Image Marking
This function provides imported vector files and raster images up to 1000 dpi utilizing beam expander and performing exceptional image processing capabilities.

EZ Stand ( c-series)
EZ Stand ( c-series)
EZ Stand is a simple laser marker holder that allows users to quickly set up a marking environment suitable for use with StellarMark C & I series. An adjustment dial on the EZ Stand allows users to quickly and easily adjust the position of the laser marker to maintain the most suitable focal distance for the varying focal distance requirements when marking objects of different sizes.
Fire-retardant safety door
Fire-retardant safety door
UL No. E919153 Fire retardant class: Class 94HB
Slow horizontal burning on a 3mm thick specimen with a burning rate is less than 3"/min or stops burning before the 5" mark. H-B rated materials are considered "self-extinguishing"
.Fire retardant PC (Polycarbonate) material is adopted by Stellar Mark C-Series's safety shield to ensure user's safety.
.Safety interlock is designed to ensure that laser is working only when the safety door is closed.
Mounting platform
Mounting platform
Stellar Mark C-12II / 30II can be fastened to a rigid mounting structure and to ensure the marking system and adjustable Z-axis table are parallel to each other for quality jobs.
Adjustable z-axis table
Adjustable z-axis table
Adjust the marking surface as required to ensure that it is parallel to the Stellar Mark focusing lens mount.
Rotary Attachment - Marker
Rotary Attachment - Marker
The rotary attachment unit allows for precise 360° marking on round, cylindrical, or torus-shaped objects. The unit flexibly accommodates objects with external diameters up to 81 mm, internal diameters up to 70 mm, and weight up to 5kg. External marking on torus-shaped objects, such as a ring, is simple and precise with the included ring stick.
*Not available on StellarMark C-100 model
StellarMark C-series CIIA 12 CIIA-Li 12 CIIA-HSII 12 CIIA 30 CIIA 60Ti/60Ti93
Laser Source Wavelength 10.6 μm 10.6 μm/9.3 μm
Type CO2, sealed-off
Output Power 12W 30W 60W
Cooling Air-cooled, no water chiller required
Electrical Requirements Power Supply AC Auto Switching 115V / 230V, 50-60 Hz/ single phase
Power Consumption 740W 1240W
Dimensions Laser head 620 x 200 x 150 mm 285 x 184 x 560 mm 620 x 200 x 150 mm 620 x 200 x 150 mm 880 x 211 x 202 mm
Control unit 500 x 420 x 192.4 mm
Laser Marker Weight 15 kg 17.2 kg 15 kg 17 kg 30 kg
Control Unit Weight 17 kg 19 kg
Max Linear Marking Speed 3000 mm/s
Maximum Marking Speed 10000 mm/s
Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista(32/64 Bit) / 7(32/64 Bit) / 8(32/64 Bit) (Desktop or Laptop PCs)
Safety Class 4 (EN60825-1 Class 1 available with safety shield and LFC)
2006/42/EC Machinery Directive)
2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive
2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

StellarMark CIIA 12 / CIIA-Li 12 / CIIA 30
Model No. CIIA 010 CIIA / CIIA-Li 050 CIIA 070 CIIA 140
Working Area 10x10 mm 50x50 mm 70x70 mm 140x140 mm
Spot Size 0.09 mm 0.12 mm 0.24 mm 0.46 mm
Repeatability** 0.001 mm 0.003 mm 0.004 mm 0.008 mm

StellarMark CIIA 60Ti / 60Ti93
Model No. CIIA 60Ti /
CIIA 60Ti93 070
CIIA 60Ti /
CIIA 60Ti93 140
CIIA 60Ti /
CIIA 60Ti93 200
CIIA 60Ti /
CIIA 60Ti93 300
CIIA 60Ti /
CIIA 60Ti93 300 Doublet
Working Area 70x70 mm 140x140 mm 200x200 mm 300x300 mm 300x300 mm
Spot Size 0.12 mm 0.24 mm 0.37 mm 0.53 mm 0.48 mm
Repeatability** 0.004 mm 0.008 mm 0.012 mm 0.017 mm 0.017 mm

StellarMark CIIA-HSII
Model No. CIIA-HSII 140
Working Area 140x140 mm
Spot Size 0.23 mm
Repeatability** 0.008 mm

*Speed does not equal to throughput. See dealer or visit www.gccworld.com for more details.
** File transmission at USB 2.0 Full Speed rate.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Paper Cutting
Paper Cutting
Fashionable and Refined Leather Cutting
Fashionable and Refined Leather Cutting
Rheostat Marking
Rheostat Marking
Use StellarMark to mark high-quality 2D Barcodes on PCB
Use StellarMark to mark high-quality 2D Barcodes on PCB
Watchstrap marking
Watchstrap marking
LaserPro 3D Engraving
LaserPro 3D Engraving
Experience PermAlign™ the unique solder bonded optics technology with Stellar Mark I-Series
With the PermAlign™ technology, Stellar Mark I-Series is the most rugged yet refined diode-pumped solid-state laser marking system available today.

Two optical lenses are used to reflect the light inside the laser head to accumulate a sufficient amount of energy that will emit laser light. Most of the current adopted technology for fixing these optical lenses is to screw them onto the mirror holder. Because vibration during working process will cause the position of lenses to be displaced, which will either cause the beam to shift or the beam mode or power to change, they must be fastened firmly in place.

Benefiting from the unique solder bonded optics technology pioneered and patented by the world's leading laser supplier Coherent, the Stellar Mark I-Series totally completely eliminates this annoying problem. The laser heads of Stellar Mark I-Series are assembled in an immaculate facility eliminating the possibility of particulate contamination. Each optical lens in the laser is carefully aligned using precision tools and then permanently solder-bonded in position. The optical components inside the laser head are then fixed permanently in place on a firm and solid platform to endure hectic industrial environments. This means, you will never need to clean or align the laser!

The alignment-free technology will without doubt help you avoid unnecessary down time resulted from unwanted beam drifting, beam mode changing and power changing within your production line. Moreover, the high precision and reliability of PermAlign™ technology is acknowledged by semiconductor industry for many years.

Stellar Mark I-Series is your best marking tool that will allow you to do precise jobs in less time with less hassle.
Pyramid Ruler
The innovative and patented focus tool – Pyramid Ruler is an accessory unit for providing the best working distance and focuses on both GCC LaserPro Stellar Mark C-Series and I-Series marking systems. No guessing is required anymore. Now you can get the best output quality easily by adjusting the working distance with the Pyramid Ruler!

With the fixed length of the Pyramid Ruler, you will easily have the best working distance for different materials by just placing the work piece on the Z axis table and move it up until the work piece touches the bottom of the Pyramid Ruler.

With the amazing Pyramid Ruler, the working distance and the focus will be adjusted in less time with less hassle than other process available. Try and enjoy the benefit of the Pyramid Ruler!
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