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Can GCC LaserPro laser engraver make 3D images inside a crystal?
GCC LaserPro laser engravers embedded with 10600nm wavelength CO2 laser are designed for surface 3D engraving, 2D engraving, stamp, marking and cutting on non metal or coated metal objects; to make 3D images inside a crystal, a DPSS (Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4) laser system will be required a shorter wavelength at 532 nm (green laser), 3 axis mechanical design of moving table with a special 3D engraving software to achieve the work.
With the current design of GCC LaserPro laser engravers, surface 3D engraving, 2D engraving, stamp, marking and cutting application are most recommended. 
Which motor is right for you?
Two types of motor technology exist in the market, one is a Stepper motor and another is a Servo motor. Both technologies are employed to laser engraving machines. What exactly is the difference between these two control approaches? Which one is better for your equipment?

Servo control technology applies a higher quality motor and controller to send command to the motors and utilizes an encoder to feedback location values to the controller, so the motors always verify their positions. This continual link allows the motors to run faster with higher acceleration and speed that the laser engraver can cut or engrave and also you can move the laser carriage to any position and resume working precisely. Adopting the servo control technology, GCC LaserPro provides a completed line of servo-controlled laser engravers that have an exceptional reputation to produce some of the highest 2D and 3D engraving effects with superior accuracy.

Stepper motors means the motor moves step by step. This is an open-loop device without any feedback information. Thus, the motor cannot accelerate too fast or it will miss steps. Furthermore, the carriage cannot be moved freely by hand since the stepper motor does not have position feedback device to track carriages.

The following comparison sheet presents a clear and thorough examination between servo motor and stepper motor.
  Servo motor Stepper motor
Accuracy (1) High Low
Throughput High Low
Acceleration (2) High Low
Speed (3) High Low
Cutting quality (4) High Low
Oscillation Low High
Cost High Low
Size Big Small
Noise Low High


  • (1) The servo motor provides constant positional feedback to the controller, which corrects any discrepancy between desired and actual position. When told to move 10 inches down and 10 inches right from home position, it would go exactly to (10,10) position as what it is told. The stepper motor applies the open loop communication with the controller, any steps missing would not be automatically corrected and thus accrue poor positional accuracy.
  • (2) The acceleration would be the crucial factor to decide the throughput of laser engravers instead of the speed value. The acceleration defines how much time the machine takes to reach the maximum speed. One 100ips laser engraver with stepper motor has much lower throughput than one 80ips machine with servo motor because of the acceleration differences. The stepper motors cannot have the high acceleration as the servo motors, due to the excessive high acceleration would lose steps and accuracy.
  • (3) A laser engraver equipped with a stepper motor have certain speed limitations due to the stepper motor’s poor torque characteristic under high speed movement, and the result is losing steps and precision.
  • (4) The stepper motor would lose steps and movement accuracy due to resonance of the motor at low speed movement. While cutting through material under very slow speed, any missing step would break the path movement harmony and destroy the cutting quality. The resonance also makes the stepper much noisier than the servo motor.
Why should I choose a GCC LaserPro laser engraver?
(1) Worldwide GCC LaserPro distributors — GCC LaserPro has over 60 distributors worldwide in over 50 countries. You can always get warm and immediate support from local GCC LaserPro distributors.

(2) Experienced and reliable manufacturer — Several thousand GCC LaserPro laser engravers have been installed worldwide in the past five years, and GCC LaserPro has gown to be one of the two major players in the worldwide market. We invest over 8% of our sales in R&D each year for developing next-generation hardware and software.

(3) Stable laser tube — the laser tube is the soul of a laser system. The GCC LaserPro laser engraver is equipped with the most reliable, long- life laser source with superb beam quality and stable laser output. Quality and performance is always our goal.

(4) Total solution — GCC LaserPro not only offers a full range of features in a laser system, but also provides various optional items, including air compressors, odor reduction systems, honeycomb tables and software. You have one-stop shopping with GCC LaserPro.

(5) Complete product range — From 12 Watt to 200 Watt laser source options, 11.8”x 8.3”to 51”x 36”working area size, 20ips to 80ips engraving speed, GCC LaserPro offers you versatile and complete laser system choices.

(6) Powerful 3D and stamp engraving — GCC LaserPro has developed its own laser driver to control the laser system. Its 3D stamp engraving features have benspecially developed to fit customers' unique applications.

(7) Perfect GCC LaserPro drivers and firmware control — GCC LaserPro drivers and firmware control laser pulsing precisely and present superb engraving and cutting output quality.

(8) Global Resource, Global Advantage — GCC LaserPro utilizes global resources and advantages to create the GCC LaserPro laser engraver, DC servo motors, linear systems from Japan, laser tubes and optics from the U.S., electronics and professional manufacturing capability from Taiwan, worldwide branch offices (America, China, and Europe) and local distributors network support. GCC LaserPro provides you unprecedented value and outstanding performance.
What should I do if I can't find a GCC LaserPro distributor in my area?
Thanks to the Internet, you can e-mail us at sales@gccworld.com right now and get assistance. 
Which GCC LaserPro laser engraver should I choose?

GCC LaserPro offers customers a full range of laser engraving options, all with complete functionality, including compact and powerful laser engravers, Venus II and C180II, the largest format system, GAIAII, the most popular system, MercuryIII, and Spirit Series, with fantastic engraving speed.

VenusII and C180II are quite suitable for small items, such as stamps, personalized items or desk accessories, while GAIAII with a 51”x 36” working area is perfect for large format piece processing, such as textile or leather cutting. As for MercuryIII and Spirit Series, they all perform well for general non-metal and anodized materials.

How does the laser work?
GCC LaserPro laser engravers uses the most well-known laser tube manufacturer with the greatest reputation, as its laser power source supplier. The CO2 laser beam can etch or cut non-metal and anodized material through sculpturing the material surface with heat. After setting up the graphic from a graphical program, such as Corel Draw, the GCC LaserPro driver can print out and control the laser system to engrave or cut the material exactly as what you set it with Corel Draw and laser driver.
What is the replacement requirement for air filters?
The air blower’s power provided by GCC LaserPro is 0.75kw with airflow 13/15 CMM (50Hz/60Hz).
What memory configurations are available for GCC LaserPro?
16M comes standard. 
What is the cutting capability of the GCC LaserPro laser engraver?
The GCC LaserPro laser engraver is good at controlling the motion system and laser driver to achieve cutting of thicker acrylic than any other comparable laser tube wattage.

GCC LaserPro 30watts laser system can cut acrylic 1/2” thick. This is definitely a great advantage of GCC LaserPro laser systems if you are going to use it for cutting jobs. ASK for SAMPLE.

 30 watts 1/2” thick acrylic
 60 watts 3/4” thick acrylic
100 watts 1” thick acrylic

NOTE: the listed cutting capability of the different laser powers is for reference only and depends on the different acrylic material supply and customer cutting quality requirement.

What kind of software is compatible with the GCC LaserPro laser engraver?
The GCC LaserPro laser system is compatible with Windows-based graphic programs, such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Auto CAD.
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